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Bespoke Applications

In today’s fast moving IT world it is not always possible to find an “off the shelf” software solution which fits your individual business requirements. This is where a bespoke software solution comes into its own.

We will create a functional specification for an innovative, expandable and modular system, to meet your individual business requirements.

We will then develop this into a workable solution, whether it be a standalone database or a Client Server Web based multi user solution.

Our development team are well versed in working with today’s development tools such as Microsoft Access, SQL, .Net and many other development platforms.

Application Types

The applications that we typically develop are: -

  • Stand Alone Applications
  • Multi User Locally Hoated Applications
  • Client/Server Locally Hosted Applications
  • Internet/SQL ISP Secure Hosted Applications
  • Web Sites

Our bespoke applications are designed to run on a majority of today’s operating platforms including Windows 7 & 8, Windows 2012 R2 Server & SBS. They are also designed to work over Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

By choosing a Web Hosted Application, we can create a secure, scalable solution which can be run from virtually anywhere in the world, bringing to SMEs’ that corporate experience that was previously reserved for the multi national enterprises.

Locally & Web Hosted Solutions

Locally hosted solutions are regarded as the traditional solution for a developed application to operate on.

They offer a secure enviroment which is located within your premesis, can are easily maintained and updgraded as required.

Web hosted solutions on the other hand are hosted with an ISP which offers the best upload, download speeds and the best resiliance.

They can potentially be accessed from any Internet enabled device golbally and offer a real forward thinking solution.

Developed Applications

Project & Job Management System

A fully integrated Project, Job, Stock Control, Purchasing, Plant Hire, Certification, Man Hours, Document Control and Invoicing application all in one.

Developed in a modular manner the application can be supplied with only the modules that your business requires.

The Project Module oversees all Jobs being undertaken whilst the Job Module provides a one stop control centre to run and monitor a complete Jobs, associated Controlled Documents, Consumable Costs, Man Hours, Purchases, Certification and Hires.

The Purchase, Hire and Man Hours Modules fully integrate with the Jobs Module allowing for full tracability of on going costs.

Secure Accommodation Management System

A secure Internet application developed to meet the strict requirements dictated by the United Kingdom Border Authority for the housing and management of Asylum Seekers.

Work Experience

The application was developed for Local Government to allow their Education Department to process and control Work Experience opportunities for Secondary Pupils.

The application had to be Web based, secure and have private data encrypted due to its sensitivity but still allow Secondary Pupils along with Education Staff to access the application and process and record Work Experience opportunities.

Vessel & Crew Management

Developed to record and process Vessels and Crew Members for Off Shore Standby Vessels industry. It includes Crew Members, Vessels, Certification, Medical Records, Wages and Issued Kit.

Crew Changes are automatially processed in conjunction with Vessel Deployments.

Vessels can be Pre Deployed with Replacement Crews and put on standby ready to sail. Once a Vessel is ready to port, the Docking Crew is automatically replaced with the Sailing Crew.

The application calculages both Sea and Leave Days along with producing wages data.

Full Vessel details, Certification and Maintanence records are recorded.

Electoral Roll Processing

Application developed to process Electoral Roll records for Regional Government and produce Voter Registration Forms.

Off Shore Order, Manufacturing & Processing System

Developed to meet the unique requirements of the Off Shore Industry, this system had to be very flexible, quick to use, maintain essential certification and meet the safety requirements of the Off Shore Service Industries for all manufactured and supplied lifting equipment.

Wire Rope Order, Stock Control & Invoicing System

Developed to meet the requirements of the 3rd biggest Wire Rope manufacturer in the world. This system had to be capable of handling ship loads of imported Wire Rope from India & Pakistan, controlling and meeting strict EEC rules & regulations with regards to quality control and traceability.

Formal & Highland Dress Hire System

Designed to meet the requirements of the client who specialises in hiring formal & dress hire to both the retail and whole sale market sector. The application had to be flexible, scalable and handle the peculiarities of both the retail & wholesale sectors of the market.

Fire Brigade Payroll Software

Specifically designed to meet the complicated requirements of the Scottish Fire Brigade, the application processes pay details for up to 1,500 firemen for both Retained & Auxiliary Fire Fighters.

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