Established in 1993

Software Scotland Ltd. was established in 1993 developing, easy to use, bespoke software solutions to allow business’s manage their day to day, in one application. 

We specialize in writing “Bespoke” software applications, supplying hardware, network solutions and providing network security for SMEs’.

The company was formed to meet the IT requirements of Scottish businesses. The company has grown from those early days and we have provided solutions to a wide variety of industries including Construction, Regional Government, Oil Sector, Manufacturing , Retail & Judicial System.

Typical hardware solutions being multiple Server & Work Station installations with full backup and redundancy safe guards.

Bespoke applications have always been the back bone of the company and with personal experience working in several engineering, production and quality control businesses together with 30 years of providing bespoke applications such as Works Order Processing, Certification, Project Management, Electoral Roll Processing, Secure Accommodation Management & Education, we have a very unique skill set in house ready to go to work on a solution for your business.

Our Goal

To offer personalized software designed to work the way you want. We aim to give businesses the best tool to help their business grow and achieve its full potential by taking the hassle out of managing and running a company.


Software Scotland was founded by Alan Black who came from an engineering background where he saw first hand the issues and challenges businesses had controlling and processing jobs.