Bespoke Website Design

With a Bespoke/Custom website you get the website you want. Working with you every step of the way we will find out what you want your website to be and how you want it to look. Our team will take all of your input and put it together into a modern, professional looking website.

PC, Mobile and Tablet

When we design a website, we design it for all, this means careful and methodical design choices are made to make sure the website doesn’t just function on Mobiles and Tablets but, offers the same experience as a PC.


We offer a variety of Web Hosting Solutions from simple SSL secured, static websites to 2 Factor Authenticated multi-user business applications.

Having your own reserved space on one of our dedicated cloud servers allows customers to administer their own website and content.

Larger more complex applications may require a secure SQL database in the background as part of their Hosting Solution.  At Software Scotland we can offer a range of options such as having your own Virtual Server or where required, your own Dedicated Server.

We also offer a variety of Backup Solutions to suit all Disaster Recovery Models.