Benefits of Network Solutions

The core of any office is its networking capability, which forms the backbone of how data flows within the business.  Planning how your office and business is networked, ideally should happen prior to the office being commissioned, but can be done retrospectively.

Networking can be Cabled, Wi-Fi or a combination of both depending on your business requirements. Cabled offers the best performance, security, adaptability and resilience.  Cabling typically consists of CAT 5 or CAT 6 standards, which can be utilized for data and/or telecoms. This allows for access points to be utilized for PC/Device use or phone systems.  Wi-Fi can add additional flexibility to a network allowing visiting customers to access the Internet and for staff with mobile devices to access the business data securely.

Software Scotland can survey, plan and install small to medium sized businesses with a Network Solution, specifically tailored to your needs.


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